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Image: Brandi Porter

Image: Brandi Porter

Price is a big factor when it comes to making your weekly grocery list.  So Sarah Schenck of Local First Arizona helps to dispel the myth that farmers markets are unaffordable.  Her groceries for the week came to $36.  This budget is based upon the average SNAP benefit recipients receive a week.  “Read The Full Story” to see her shopping list suggestion and meal plan.  You can also read her 7 Tips For Eating Local.

Still, the real value of shopping local foods is supporting your community.  For every dollar spent locally .73 stays within the local economy versus only .43 spent with a non-local business.  Most of the produce at the market is grown less than 10-miles away from where you come to shop. That means it is freshly picked, nutrient rich, and full of flavor.  Best of all, you can actually talk with the growers themselves, run into neighbors and meet family for a morning out at the market.

“Read The Full Story” to see LFA’s Market Shopping List.

“I started with my heartier produce, that I could stretch over multiple meals.
A total of $12.92 purchased:
1 lb/asparagus
1 lb/spinach
1 dozen eggs
1 bunch of beets
A handful of mini heirloom tomatoes

Breakfast for the week
Try a protein packed combination of bread and peanut butter with citrus on the side.
$4.50/ loaf of bread. Consider The Arizona Bread Company or Barrio Bread
$6.00/8 oz jar from Peanut Butter Americano
$1/3 grapefruits
$1/4 oranges
Total $12.50

Add up these purchases and this leaves a remainder of $10.58, with which you could peruse the market for more produce, or perhaps find local dairy from The Simple Farm, United Dairymen of Arizona, or Danzeisen Dairy at a nearby retailer.

For an idea of the affordability of some other produce items at farmers’ markets, consider you can find:
$3/bag of carrots
$3/bag of brussels sprouts
$3/spaghetti squash
$2.50/1 lb beans
$2/green onions
$2/greens: a head of broccoli, bag of salad greens, bundle of bok choy, swiss chard, or kale, to name a few.

With my farmers’ market bounty, I baked a loaded spinach, tomato, and asparagus quiche, which can easily be converted into a frittata. Split into 7 servings, this recipe can provide healthy helpings for a week. There was enough leftover produce to get creative with sautéing or roasting veggies each evening to eat alongside spiced beans and rice.”

Read 7 Tips For Eating Local. from Local First Arizona on how to shop local on a budget.

Thanks for shopping with us Local First AZ!

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