Smart Shopping

Store comparison

Try shopping smart at the market and making delicious fresh meals! We did some research on our prices compared to prices found at local grocery store, Safeway.   Save money and make one of our favorite dishes, we recommend making a large bowl and keeping it in the fridge. Top it over lettuce or rice, serve it with meat or eat it with chips for snack!


The real value of shopping at a farmers market…. Price is a big factor when it comes to making your weekly grocery list.  Still, the real value of shopping local foods is supporting your community.  For every dollar spent locally .73 stays within the local economy versus only .43 spent with a non-local business. Most of the produce at the market is grown less than 10-miles away from where you come to shop. That means it is freshly picked, nutrient rich, and full of flavor.  Best of all, you can actually talk with the growers themselves, run into neighbors and meet family for a morning out at the market

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