Vendor Feature: Doctor Hummus

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Meet Saber Rouin and the family behind Doctor Hummus:

Doctor Hummus was started by Saber Rouin in his family’s kitchen in 2004 in Gilbert, Arizona.  His hummus recipes are from Saber’s family in Tunisia North Africa.  We started back in 2002 with four flavors of hummus and now feature over twenty dips and delicious crunchy pita chips in four flavors.


We love to hear from our customers and which products they prefer to eat.  We have many vegan/low fat dips now with so many people eating a healthy plant based lifestyle and trying to avoid dairy and fat.  Our favorite product is the vegan jalapeno and artichoke dip (no cholesterol, 35 calories and no saturated fat).  The dip combines a vegan healthy lifestyle with the southwest’s spicy flavors.


Fun story:  Several years ago I was working the Doctor Hummus booth Saturday morning at the Phoenix Public Market.  A vendor across the aisle from the Doctor Hummus booth had little pieces of white chocolate cut up on a plate. The sign next to the plate read “free samples please ask” and a customer decided to give it a taste.   After chewing and swallowing he came across to my booth and declared, ” Please give me a pita chip, I have a terrible taste left in my mouth”.  Unfortunately for him the “white chocolate” turned out to be shea butter soap!   Well, the sign did say, “please ask”.

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