Vendor Feature: H2E

If you’ve ever tried Nicholas Cappele’s products then you’ve experienced the power of aromatherapy and quality ingredients.  So how exactly did this interior designer begin developing clean scents and spa essentials?  We sat down with Nicholas to hear the story.
“I started the market four years ago, in 2012.
This business started from a Interior Design project for a local Divorce attorney requesting I use Bio Philia (use of nature) in the design process. After spending a day assessing each dept I came up with creating essential oil blends to be used with a diffuser specifically composed to enhance the energy needed for that particular function in the office. After 10 months in the new space, I received notice that the energy shift was so profound that the owner of the business challenged me to write a book to help people understand the importance of grounding energy in there home & office. I took a year off  and wrote a best seller on Amazon called “Altared Space”  While writing the book I realized I need something physically tangible to back up what I was teaching & I developed my Chakra Collection of essential oils & soy candles to enhance healing of the body’s energy centers.
The recipes are my own and were derived after many hours of research on the healing benefits of each plant that pertained to each of the energy centers.My favorite composition from this project is my best selling Air Repair Room Spray which calms clarifies & grounds the energy with each spritz.I use it daily to start my day in meditation, when I’m in a creative process and need to stay focused, and always spritz on my pillow before I go to bed for a restful slumber..
Last year I landed an account with AJs two Wellness centers on either coasts and 2 stores at  the Phx Airport.This year I’m negotiating with Sprouts Express Spa Int & just landed a store in Durango Co. My long term goal would be to have my own local store and a counter at Saks & Niemans!!”

See Nick every weekend at the market and check out more about what he offers on the H2E Design Website.

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