Vendor Feature: Pickled Perfection

Meet Travis & Dean Lambros.

We paused for a moment to chat with Travis Lambros  about their family business, Pickled Perfection.  That’s travis on the left and his father Dean on the right.  This is their success story and exactly what inspires us at the market.

“We started the markets in 2009.

My father, Dean, and I started the business as a side venture and it took off on us. Now we employee a lot of great people and are both full time with the company.  The original recipe is Dean’s.  All of our other flavors and additions have come from trial and error as well as customer requests.  We started with 3 products and now we are up to 11 permanent products and a lot of special orders.
The hope for Pickled Perfection is to be nationwide in multiple grocery stores.  To provided every bar/restaurant in Arizona with our product and the next step is to open our very own Pickled Perfection store.

My personal favorites are the spicy pickled celery and the kalamata olives.”

Read more about how they got started, find products and more here.

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