Sustainability at the Market: Fiscalini Cheese


Fiscalini Cheese is committed to producing the highest quality, best tasting cheese in the world and is always a popular destination at the market. Whether you are looking for traditional cheddar or a wine-soaked “Purple Moon,” you can find it (and everything in between) here. Although many market-goers are familiar with Fiscalini cheese, many are unaware of the sustainability and food safety measures they take to successfully produce their final product.

Four generations of the Fiscalini family have lived on their farm, and they hope all of the future generations can do the same. This is one reason they ensure all of their agricultural practices are entirely sustainable. Their philosophy “is to harvest and forage our land to feed our cattle” and then “give back to the earth in natural form to keep it productive.” One of the most interesting aspects of their sustainable farming techniques is that that fertilizer they use is almost entirely made up of manure from their cows, doing their part to reduce carbon emissions.

In 2009, Fiscalini Cheese built and began using a methane digester. In short, this is a product that converts waste products into renewable resources. All of their waste that would typically be shipped off to a landfill is instead repurposed. Livestock manure, leftover feed, and whey from the cheese plant are all recycled into the methane digester. In turn it produces electricity and heat, with enough remaining to power over 300 homes.

-Sydney Schutkowski, Sustainability Intern

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