The Ultimate Market Board & Holiday Recipes

Bring the ultimate Market Board to any Holiday Feast!
Go to the Market and get inspired by sampling delicious options to include.  Create a blend of sweet and savory Market finds to excite any palate.

An Assortment of Cheese (Fiscalini)
Pickled Mushrooms & Asparagus (Pickled Perfection)
Jarred Peaches + Jam (Cotton Country Jams)
Pita Chips (Doctor Hummus)
Chocolate (Stone Grindz)
Pichuberries (Pichuberry)
Farm Fresh Vegetables (try adding pomegranate, orange slices, sweet potato, and tomatoes)
Don’t forget the garnish.. pick up some colorful herbs like rosemary and purple basil to add color and flavor to your board.



Keep it fresh and simple, fill a basket with fresh vegetables. Serve Doctor Hummus Vegan Dill Dip on the side.



Turn ordinary salad and vegetables into something special, like this Roasted Tomato Salad from Plenty More.


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