The Community Exchange Table


Customers can always count on the vendors at the Community Exchange Table to greet them with a warm welcome every Saturday. CET has remained a constant booth at our market since 2009,  but what they bring on Saturday’s is constantly changing. Market shoppers are often drawn to the booth to grab anything from a bag of fresh basil to a colorful bouquet of flowers. What customers often don’t know, however, is the positive impact they just had on a small grower or artisan. In 2009, Chip Satterlund organized this cooperative market booth in order to create a space for startup vendors to sell their goods and produce on an as-needed basis.

The Community Exchange Table is a co-op that allows for small growers, bakers, and artisans to sell their surplus produce or goods to the community. This booth is the most unique at the market due to the diversity of the vendors who set up shop here. The benefit of this table for those vendors is that they do not pay any monthly fees, purchase equipment, or make any large investment when coming to the market. For a start-up gardener or an abundant grower, these fees often add up and can become a financial burden. The CET table covers these expenses to allow these small farmers to sell their products while relieving the stress of finding the funds. With three tents and eight tables full of different items, you definitely won’t get away empty handed.

With over 50 vendors participating in Community Exchange, the table has expanded to eight markets every week. If you are interested in selling something at their table, becoming a vendor, or just have a question, visit their Facebook page or contact Chip at See you Saturday!


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