Vendor Feature: Breezy Pop

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Breezy Pop was founded in 2010 and since then they have made it their mission to make the best tasting freeze pops in Arizona. It all started with the love and help of Brandon’s grandma (a.k.a Abuelita Coco). With tons of ice cream making experience in Mexico, she encouraged the family to start making natural freeze pops Latin American style! She taught them everything they had to know, including her famous “secret recipe”.

Being a perfectionist, she would constantly remind Brandon that every Breezy Pop has to be consistent in quality. Brandon learned everything from how to pick and select the best fruit to how to properly mix the batch together. Most importantly, she said, was to always be happy and in a good mood when making Breezy Pops. She said that it is important to feel happy because that positive will eventually transfer into the raw ingredients of the finished product, making them even more delicious.  It took Brandon a couple trials and errors, but in a couple of weeks he learned how to successfully make delicious tasting freeze pops!

Breezy Pop’s mission is to provide and exceptional Latin American cultural experiences by building a business where the community can be inspired and filled with happiness through their frozen treats. Breezy Pop also hopes to serve as a positive inspiration to young students by encouraging them to become young entrepreneurs and create stable jobs for their community.

Try one of their fresh flavors this weekend!

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