Burger Throw Down

Burger Throw Down

Carefree Spice Company is challenging customers and Loyal Local friends to a Burger Throw Down.

  1. Shop at the Market
  2. Create a Burger Recipe featuring Carefree
    Spice blends and other market ingredients.
  3. Share photos of your burger and grilling with your friends.

Please e-mail submissions to openair@phxpublicmarket.com

  • Subject Line: BURGER THROWDOWN
  • Submissions should include:
    • Name, Phone Number, Recipe, Photos of burgers
  • Pictures of  back yard grilling with family and friends are a bonus.


  • Begins Father’s Day and Ends July 15th, 2017.  Winner Announced July 22, 2017.
  • Recipe winner will be announced via e-mail and online.
  • At least 3 Market ingredients must be used.
  • Majority of products should come from the Market, however, you may use outside ingredients.
  • Must use a blend from Carefree Spice Company.
  • Entries must include which Carefree Spice Blend you used.
  • Recipe winner will be chosen by local Chef Stephen Jones, The Larder + The Delta at Desoto Central Market.
  • Winners will be judged on creativity, the photos and recipes. Obviously we will not be able to taste and see each burger so make sure your “Photos” are awesome. Bonus points for the photo with the most “Burger Throw Down” look. Have fun be creative.
  • Winner will celebrate with a Grillin’ Set (includes industrial strength steel tool box with 8 top selling spice blends!!!) and $25 Market Bucks.
  • All recipe and photos will be published by the Phoenix Public Market and be used for promotion.
  • Vegetarians and vegans… don’t fret.  Think you have a veg-friendly recipe that can hold it’s own! Bring it on we are accepting any vegan and vegetarian alternatives as well.

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