10 Farmers Market Facts


  1. Creating Greater Opportunity: Farmers markets provide one of the only low-barrier entry points for new farmers, ranchers, and food entrepreneurs allowing them to start small and test new products.
  2. Local Farming is not a dying trend: There are 3.5 times as many U.S. farmers over the age of 65 as there are under 35.
  3. Direct Producer to Consumer: According to the USDA, of the $3 billion in direct to-consumer sales in 2015, on-farm stores and farmers markets accounted for $2 billion, or 67 percent.
  4. Help the Environment: 4 in 5 market farmers use soil health practices like composting.
  5. Competitive Prices: Farmers Market unaffordable? Studies show comparable or lower prices than at supermarkets.
  6. Building Healthier Communities: The American Fitness Index includes the number of farmers markets per capita as a factor contributing to community health, using it as an indicator for community members’ access to fresh fruits and vegetables.
  7. Greater Access: 818k low-income seniors got fresh local produce at Farmers Markets through Senior FMNP in 2015
  8. Healthful Education: Farmers markets serve as invaluable educational sites and a rare bridge between urban and rural communities.  According to a study conducted by the American Farm Bureau, 72% of consumers know “nothing” or “very little” about farming or ranching.
  9. Strengthening the Economy: Farmers & ranchers get only 15.6 cents on the dollar. At the farmers market they get the whole hog!
  10. Creating Jobs: Growers selling local create 13 farm jobs per $1 mil in revenue. Those not selling local create three.

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