Market Recipes: Thanksgiving Favorites

True Thanksgiving Tradition- Eating Local

There’s nothing wrong with family traditions, but it’s easy and fun to give those old favorites new life with fresh, locally raised foods. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to choose from autumn’s bountiful cornucopia of locally grown foods from salad greens to root vegetables. The most traditional Thanksgiving menu has its roots in local, seasonal foods.

And there’s even more to be thankful for, because local foods, when grown without synthetic chemicals, enhance our personal health, the health of our farmers, their farms, and our communities. And the virtuous circle expands as local organic foods benefit the soil, air, and water upon which life depends. We’re proud to host three certified organic farmers, along with another ten local farmers who practice sustainable, healthy growing techniques.  Talk to your farmers at the Market, ask questions about how they grow their foods and discover tips on how to prepare the produce at home into the perfect holiday dish.
Check out some of our favorite Thanksgiving sides…
and Italian Heat Apple Stuffing

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