Is Phoenix ready for Phoestivus

Next week, the cast of characters that complete the downtown Phoenix holiday scene are coming together to create the 8th annual PHOESTIVUS CELEBRATION!

We’ll welcome Phreddie the Yeti

Hipster Santa

The Bookman’s gift-wrapping elves

phestive entertainment on the KJZZ Soundbite Stage

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.57.10 PM

We’ll experience the wrath of Arizona Storytellers with the annual airing of Phoenician grievances

The Pheats of Strength hammer

And the magic of real(ish) reindeer born and bred in Phoenix

All alongside your favorite Phoenix artisans, so you can do your part in our local economy and fight the commercialism of the holidays!

Born as the all-inclusive, can’t-miss community event of the season by Ken Clark of Get Your PHX, Phoestivus has become much more than a holiday market.Phoestivus_17

We’re celebrating the close of another year spent with our friends, family, and neighbors, toasting with hot cider and frosty Phoestivus Ale (brewed by Phoenix Ale Brewery–to be enjoyed throughout the market. We’re gathering for pictures with Pic Me Photobooth to remember a chilly moment in Phoenix, which we’ll look back on when it’s 120 degrees again (all too soon). We’re wandering the aisles of local artists, bakers, purveyors, and makers, trying to find the perfect token of appreciation for our loved ones. We’re finding the perfect hand-poured scented candles to warm our homes, and the most specific artist-designed ornaments to adorn our trees (or poles, whathaveyou). We’re telling our family how much they’ve disappointed us over steaming vegan hot dogs and creamy sorbetto.

True Downtowners look forward to Phoestivus, but still say “Already?!” when they see the mark on their calendar. They’ll remember when we had an engagement in the middle of the market, or when the mysterious reindeer from Chile Acres’ farm first descended upon us. This year, partnered once again with Bookman’s Entertainment Exchange, we look forward to making Phoestivus 2017 the best, biggest, most boisterous celebration of its kind. Join in the tradition and experience the joy that is the Phoestivus Open-Air Holiday Market, December 14th and 21st from 5pm to 10pm.

This year, try Lyft so you can really enjoy the celebration!

Lyft x Phoestivus Market-01

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