Market Recipe: Wok Char Salmon


Wok Char Salmon with Honey Mustard Glaze by Carefree Spice Company

This has become a standard in our kitchen. Use the freshest Wild Caught Salmon you can find,  which we now have at the Market.

Salmon, Wild caught King preferred 2- 7oz Fillets (Servings)

Wok Char Seasoning 2-3 Teaspoons

Honey, prefer local fresh   ¼ cup

Mustard, dry ground  1 Tablespoon

Line a sheet pan with foil, place salmon fillets on foil use food spray or lightly oil foil if you prefer. Sprinkle Wok Char seasoning on salmon fillets evenly then lightly rub onto surface of fillets. Bake in the oven at 350 until just done, remember fish is best just under a touch and let it sit to complete. Some prefer salmon just slightly medium rare if you will.

For the Sauce: Heat the honey in a small sauce pan and whisk in dry Mustard. You can adjust the heat up or down in terms of adding more or less mustard to your taste. Once warmed through and mustard has dissolved completely, glaze Salmon fillets with a couple of teaspoons of the honey mustard sauce. Serve immediately with steamed rice and stir fried vegetables.

This can also be done on the grill closing the hood or placing the lid on the grill.

Our Coconut Rice goes great with this dish.

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