Vendor Feature: Custom Stitchery

IMG_9956Kathy Willis has been sewing and selling in shows for the past 37 years!  She had her first show in March of 1980.  This month she celebrates 10 years at the Market!  Her daughters follow close in her footsteps sewing and interpreting their paintings and drawings onto fabrics.


Kathy also dedicates time working with her buddy, Andy, and has helped him to build his own  business.  Andy has autism and at first he resisted working with Kathy, but over 5 years later these two are good friends and Andy has developed a great skill in sewing!

This weekend stop by the Market and say hello to Kathy to check out all her new designs… best of all she’s offering 20% off all pillows!!

These are her first pair of desert scene pillow Kathy made in 1982


See you Saturday!

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Sustainability at the Market: Fiscalini Cheese


Fiscalini Cheese is committed to producing the highest quality, best tasting cheese in the world and is always a popular destination at the market. Whether you are looking for traditional cheddar or a wine-soaked “Purple Moon,” you can find it (and everything in between) here. Although many market-goers are familiar with Fiscalini cheese, many are unaware of the sustainability and food safety measures they take to successfully produce their final product.

Four generations of the Fiscalini family have lived on their farm, and they hope all of the future generations can do the same. This is one reason they ensure all of their agricultural practices are entirely sustainable. Their philosophy “is to harvest and forage our land to feed our cattle” and then “give back to the earth in natural form to keep it productive.” One of the most interesting aspects of their sustainable farming techniques is that that fertilizer they use is almost entirely made up of manure from their cows, doing their part to reduce carbon emissions.

In 2009, Fiscalini Cheese built and began using a methane digester. In short, this is a product that converts waste products into renewable resources. All of their waste that would typically be shipped off to a landfill is instead repurposed. Livestock manure, leftover feed, and whey from the cheese plant are all recycled into the methane digester. In turn it produces electricity and heat, with enough remaining to power over 300 homes.

-Sydney Schutkowski, Sustainability Intern

Why Probiotics?


Did you know 80% of your immune system is located in your gut and 95% of your serotonin (happy hormone) is manufactured in your intestines?

What’s more, if your digestive system is out of whack, your entire body will suffer. That makes the gut pretty important. Because it’s so important, it’s critical to keep it in the best shape possible.  The health of your gut depends on the amount of good bacteria, known as probiotics, inside of it. Probiotics are found naturally in your gut; however, the amount of good bacteria versus bad bacteria in your gut can often get out of balance.  Stress, pollution, a diet high in sugar or eating too many processed foods will wreak havoc on your body’s good flora. Even taking an antibiotic one time can cause an imbalance.

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Vendor Profile: Clay Madness


Victoria Fodale and Charles Erb are the artisans behind Clay Madness. The team produces hand built, functional ceramics. Everything is hand made throughout the entire process. Clay Madness does not use molds or pouring, either Charle’s hands or Victoria’s hands touch every piece. The team creates its ceramics in a clay workshop that was started in Victoria’s garage. Clay Madness produces bowls, coffee cups, olive oil bottles, and other functional pieces. Look for market cups coming soon!

If you were at the market last week you may have enjoyed watching Charles Erb demonstrate his hard work and talents on his pottery wheel. Don’t worry, he’ll have another demonstration on October 29th for our Harvest Festival.

Vendor Feature: H2E

If you’ve ever tried Nicholas Cappele’s products then you’ve experienced the power of aromatherapy and quality ingredients.  So how exactly did this interior designer begin developing clean scents and spa essentials?  We sat down with Nicholas to hear the story.
“I started the market four years ago, in 2012.
This business started from a Interior Design project for a local Divorce attorney requesting I use Bio Philia (use of nature) in the design process. After spending a day assessing each dept I came up with creating essential oil blends to be used with a diffuser specifically composed to enhance the energy needed for that particular function in the office. After 10 months in the new space, I received notice that the energy shift was so profound that the owner of the business challenged me to write a book to help people understand the importance of grounding energy in there home & office. I took a year off  and wrote a best seller on Amazon called “Altared Space”  While writing the book I realized I need something physically tangible to back up what I was teaching & I developed my Chakra Collection of essential oils & soy candles to enhance healing of the body’s energy centers.
The recipes are my own and were derived after many hours of research on the healing benefits of each plant that pertained to each of the energy centers.My favorite composition from this project is my best selling Air Repair Room Spray which calms clarifies & grounds the energy with each spritz.I use it daily to start my day in meditation, when I’m in a creative process and need to stay focused, and always spritz on my pillow before I go to bed for a restful slumber..
Last year I landed an account with AJs two Wellness centers on either coasts and 2 stores at  the Phx Airport.This year I’m negotiating with Sprouts Express Spa Int & just landed a store in Durango Co. My long term goal would be to have my own local store and a counter at Saks & Niemans!!”

See Nick every weekend at the market and check out more about what he offers on the H2E Design Website.

Vendor Feature: Pickled Perfection

Meet Travis & Dean Lambros.

We paused for a moment to chat with Travis Lambros  about their family business, Pickled Perfection.  That’s travis on the left and his father Dean on the right.  This is their success story and exactly what inspires us at the market.

“We started the markets in 2009.

My father, Dean, and I started the business as a side venture and it took off on us. Now we employee a lot of great people and are both full time with the company.  The original recipe is Dean’s.  All of our other flavors and additions have come from trial and error as well as customer requests.  We started with 3 products and now we are up to 11 permanent products and a lot of special orders.
The hope for Pickled Perfection is to be nationwide in multiple grocery stores.  To provided every bar/restaurant in Arizona with our product and the next step is to open our very own Pickled Perfection store.

My personal favorites are the spicy pickled celery and the kalamata olives.”

Read more about how they got started, find products and more here.

Vendor Feature: Doctor Hummus

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Meet Saber Rouin and the family behind Doctor Hummus:

Doctor Hummus was started by Saber Rouin in his family’s kitchen in 2004 in Gilbert, Arizona.  His hummus recipes are from Saber’s family in Tunisia North Africa.  We started back in 2002 with four flavors of hummus and now feature over twenty dips and delicious crunchy pita chips in four flavors.


We love to hear from our customers and which products they prefer to eat.  We have many vegan/low fat dips now with so many people eating a healthy plant based lifestyle and trying to avoid dairy and fat.  Our favorite product is the vegan jalapeno and artichoke dip (no cholesterol, 35 calories and no saturated fat).  The dip combines a vegan healthy lifestyle with the southwest’s spicy flavors.


Fun story:  Several years ago I was working the Doctor Hummus booth Saturday morning at the Phoenix Public Market.  A vendor across the aisle from the Doctor Hummus booth had little pieces of white chocolate cut up on a plate. The sign next to the plate read “free samples please ask” and a customer decided to give it a taste.   After chewing and swallowing he came across to my booth and declared, ” Please give me a pita chip, I have a terrible taste left in my mouth”.  Unfortunately for him the “white chocolate” turned out to be shea butter soap!   Well, the sign did say, “please ask”.

Vendor Profile: Chile Acres


Meet Celia Petersen, the hardworking woman behind Chile Acres farms in Tonopah, Arizona. She and her family have been working the property for over 30-years and have been bringing their goods to the market since 2005 when we opened.  Growing up with allergies to cow’s dairy, it was natural for her and her family to raise goats and produce milk and cheeses.  Being sensitive to varieties of allergies, Celia has handcrafted all-natural recipes from goats milk soaps to gluten free baked goods.  Chile Acres isn’t only home to goats, all day Celia is out tending to her ducks, geese, chickens, horses, donkey and sheep.  Of course, with the help of her dogs.  When she isn’t taking care of all of the animals or in the kitchen, she’s busy making wooly stuff, dying the fibers with natural ingredients, creating tapestries on her loom or making her famous fry bread tacos.  Stop by Chile Acres booth and say hi to Celia.  You can often find her spinning wool at the market, meet the newest kids and ask her about raising animals in Arizona.

Read More to see images from our visit!

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Vendor Feature: Noble Bread

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Meet Jason Raducha and Claudio Urciuoli the bakers behind the beloved Noble Bread.  These two believe in using old traditions to make their loaves.  It takes an astonishing 36 hours to make one loaf of Noble Bread.  They hand knead the ingredients together and slowly levain the bread before baking it in their stone hearth.  The non-gmo flour come from a miller in Northern California, the salt is sourced from a purveyor mining salt beds in Utah.  “When you have only three ingredients, you have to pick the very best,” Urciuoli says.

Slice it for breakfast, make fresh sandwiches to pack and go, or grill it up with summer vegetables and try our featured grilled panzenella recipe.

Vendor Feature: PB Americano


Hope you didn’t miss this awesome article written in the Phoenix Business Journal on local entrepreneur and Phoenix Public Market vendor, Jeff Malkoon, founder of PB Americano.  While working in Uruguay he was baffled when he discovered that despite the surrounding peanut fields, locals weren’t eating peanut butter.  With a background in international business and non-profit management, Jeff set out to develop his first nut-butter recipes with the help of his mother.

We are proud to say Jeff sold his first jar of peanut butter at the Phoenix Public Market and we are even prouder to say that he has come a far way from that day.  Now selling in dozens of markets and shops all of the region, PB Americano will now be expanding into international markets and national grocers.

Read more about Jeff and PB Americano here.