2018 Best Farmers Market


We are honored to receive Phoenix New Time’s Reader’s Choice Best Farmers Market!


Care for Your Community, Change the World

Last month, inspired by Jack Johnson’s change-making generosity with All At Once Org, we organized a humble neighborhood clean-up with Local First Arizona that exceeded expectations.IMG_2438 Read the full story »

Recipe: Meet Your Vegan Community


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Join us at the Market to explore all of the delicious vegan treats offered from our variety of vendors.

Read more to discover our top ten vegan finds you don’t want to miss!

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Crop of the Week: Okra


Arizona summers can be tough on the average garden, but the okra plant is resilient.  It grows best in the heat and can handle soil temperatures upward of 70 degrees, something that is easily found here in Arizona.  Cotton, another hearty Arizona crop, and okra are botanically related, both members of the mallow family of plants.

Discover different ways to prepare this produce.  Read more for recipes to get you inspired to get cooking with okra this season.

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See you at the show?

“An individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change.”


Jack Johnson is coming to town and we’ve got 4 free tickets to give away! Join us on Tuesday, August 28th for a unique concert experience centered around community, ecology, equity, and of course great music at AkChin Pavillion.

By making a donation to your local farmers market by 8pm August 24th, you’ll be entered in a raffle to win TWO tickets to Jack Johnson’s show with opener Bahamas. AND All At Once, who is partnering with Jack Johnson on his tour, will match your donation dollar for dollar – this is an opportunity to make a huge impact on our 12-year-old and ever-growing market.

Jack Johnson’s tour is highlighting nonprofits that are bettering our world in very diverse ways. Alongside us at the show will be…



It’s a good day when we can enjoy some great, authentic music while boosting the causes and efforts we care about. Make a donation and hopefully we’ll see you there one way or another!

In honor of Jack Johnson’s mission to make the world a better place, we’re hosting a NEIGHBORHOOD CLEANUP at the market this Saturday, August 25th. Join us for an hour or all day and together we’ll spruce the place up while making sure our trash goes to the right receptacles. 

Find details about our nonprofit Community Food Connections here.


Watermelon Eating Contest!


Help us celebrate National Farmers Market Week on Saturday, August 11th from 8am-12pm.

Communities across the country will celebrate farmers, producers, and farmers markets that provide access to fresh, local food. We invite you to celebrate Phoenix Public Market’s efforts to make our community a stronger, healthier place to live. Phoenix Public Market supports local business and agriculture, increases access to local food, stimulates our local economy and supports a healthy community. We want to say a huge THANK YOU to you our community for making it all possible! Come out to the Market and celebrate with us on Saturday, August 11th from 8am -12pm.

Enjoy our fun activities and events including live music, cooking demos (which means delicious samples), a WATERMELON EATING CONTEST, Loyal Local giveaways, kids scavenger hunt and more.

Do you think you can win? 
Watermelon Eating Contest | 11am
Come out Saturday August 11th to celebrate Farmers Market Week with us and enter in our Watermelon Eating Contest.
Watermelon Eating Contest Rules:

Second Saturdays Arts at the Market



We’re expanding the weekly farmers market with Arts Market every second Saturday, featuring even more local producers and entrepreneurs.  Launching September 8th, Second Saturdays will feature a new Arts Market 8am-12pm.

Arts Market is a chance for Phoenix Public Market to highlight even more talented local artisans and their unique, handmade products.   Phoenix Public Market lies in the heart of downtown and a thriving arts community.   Let’s bring even more wonderful locals together to shop and dine on Saturdays!

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Why shop at your local farmer’s market?

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  1. It helps small farmers grow their business

Farmer’s markets provide a low-barrier entry point for a budding farmer for them to see if they can be profitable. Shopping at a farmer’s market helps small farmers keep their cash flow positive that helps them continue doing business. If they keep on going, with the support of shoppers, there will only be growth.

  1. It helps the local economy and community

Our vendors come from within 50 miles of the City of Phoenix and it’s no surprise that most of the stuff they sell is locally grown or made. By shopping here, your money stays local; the money is passed on from one consumer to the next and helps establish a stronger local economy. The market also serves as a gathering place for the local community that helps build and strengthen relationships and camaraderie between neighbors of all backgrounds.

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5 Misconceptions About Farmers Markets

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1) Farmer’s Markets are expensive

Some people think that because it is organic, local and ran on a smaller scale means it is more expensive to cover the costs of production and that extra cost is passed on to the consumer. FALSE! Because products at the market are local it means the cost of transporting these goods diminishes. Rather than coming from across the country or even across the world, nearly all of the products you can buy at the Market are coming from less than 50 miles away, which also means goods are fresher. Market items are commonly picked, baked or prepared fresh and do not have to sit in a refrigerated trailer for more than 24 hours before the market.

2) You can shop local products at grocery stores

This is becoming more of a reality; you do not have to go far to find local products from your area. Woohoo!  You may see a number of large grocery stores increasing their supply of locally sourced fruits and vegetables along with a display of local peanut butters, grains and more, making it more accessible for the consumer to eat more sustainably; however, when you come out to the Market, EVERYTHING you shop, eat and enjoy is local. ALL of the produce you shop is sustainably produced and your dollars are going directly to the producer rather than a big box store middle-man.

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