Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 4.11.36 PMUseful Tips for Shopping the Market

Cash works best, small bills especially.  However, bank debit/credit cards are accepted and can be used at almost all of the vendor booths or run as one transaction at the Information Booth.

  • Shop early for the best selection.
  • The produce is seasonal so buy it when you see it. Ask the farmer how much longer it will be available.
  • Ask questions about the produce/meat/products – know your food roots.
  • Get to know the vendors – they’ll teach you how to use produce that is unfamiliar and offer recipe suggestions.
  • Ask about pre-orders as many vendors allow you to pre-order things like eggs, meat, or artisan items.
  • Bring a cooler with ice or a cold pack during the hot months.
  • All meats are sold frozen.
  • Bring your own grocery and produce bags, cart or basket.  If you forget one, we always have extra plastic and reusable bags available.  Let’s reduce the number of new bags we consume.
  • Enjoy!

Shopping Seasonal

There are many benefits to eating seasonal, but it does take a shift in our traditional ideas of grocery shopping and eating.  Challenge yourself to eat and shop local and seasonal.

Seasonal Produce