Farmers Market Fresh Eggs Are No Yolk!


Have questions about the differences between store bought versus farmers market fresh eggs? Wondering what’s better, cage-free versus free-range? We’re here to help you navigate your choices when buying eggs.

Understanding Egg Terms

Farmers Market Fresh:  The farmers bring out the freshest eggs to the market every Saturday.  Best of all, you can ask where they’re coming from, how they’re raised, what they’re fed and more! #knowyourfood #knowyourfarmer

Farmed Eggs: These are the eggs that are store bought. When buying from the store, we may not always know the living conditions of the chickens or their diet.

Free Range: Chickens roam free on the farmer’s land in the most natural conditions.

Cage Free: Cage free is different from free range, because it does not guarantee that the chickens have space to roam, it just means that the chickens were not kept in cages.

Vegetarian Fed: These chickens are fed healthy greens and vegetables, rather than supplemental pellets. They will have eggs with more Omega-3’s and Vitamins A, D, and E

Non-GMO, No Antibiotics: When talking about eggs, Non-GMO & No Antibiotics really does not apply! Neither chickens nor eggs are modified by genetic engineering.



How does the life of a chicken effect my eggs, though?

The chickens will produce what they intake. When the chickens are free-range, eating vegetables, they will produce eggs that have more Omega-3’s and Vitamins A, D, and E. Farm fresh eggs are also lower in cholesterol and saturated fat than the ones we buy at the grocery store.

What about the different colored eggs? (Dark / Light)

There is no real difference between the two eggs. Some chickens lay darker eggs while other chickens lay lighter colored eggs

Where at the market can I find eggs?

There are numerous vendors with eggs! You can buy a dozen of eggs from Chile Acres, Maya’s Farm, Jojoba Beef Company, Golo Family Farms, Blue Sky Farms, and the Community Exchange Table. Prices vary per vendor and each farmer offers their own unique value to their eggs.

Shopping Tip:

For you bakers out there: duck and geese eggs have a heavier yolk than chicken eggs and are great for baking. Find either duck or geese eggs from our vendors Chile Farms and Blue Sky Farms!

Try these delicious recipes with you farm fresh eggs!

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