Ten Cheap & Easy Ways To A Low-Waste Lifestyle

Fresh Local Organic Vegetable at Farmers Market

What is your Ecological Footprint? How many planets does it take to support your lifestyle? We challenge you to take the quiz and find out!   Then try these effective and cost-friendly low-watse lifestyle tips.

1. Buy Local  – Avoid unnecessary packaging.  Buying your bread, vegetables and other items without all of that extra packaging is significant.  Look for our Locally Sourced badge at the market to identify items that use more than 50% local ingredients!  Amazon may be conveient but at what cost? (More reading What a Waste – Online Retails Big Packaging Problem).

2.Get Educated – Know about your recycling program, and how to properly sort your waste.  Do a waste audit. Take time to go through your garbage and recycling bin and see if you’ve been mis-categorizing items in the wrong bins. You can also assess where the majority of your garbage is coming from and how you can reduce the amount of waste you’re generating.

3. Compost – If you’re not already, start composting! According to the Composting Council, if everyone in the United States composted all of their food waste, the impact would be equivalent to removing 7.8 million cars from the road. We often host composting workshops for free at the Market (check out our events calendar here) or have Recycled City do the work for you, with their compost pick up service.

4. Phase Out Single Use Items – Paper towels can be replaced with rags. Tissues can be replaced with handkerchiefs. See more of our sustainable swaps here. Check out our new market vendor Go Wasteless.  They offer bulk dish soap and laundry detergent, along with a variety of other products to invest in sustainable items.

5. Skip the grocery bags – Reuse plastic grocery bags you already have or invest in reusable cotton bags. Check out plastic bag recycling program at the market.

6. Swap Plastic Bottles – Reuse glass juice bottle, mason jars or invest in a stainless steel water bottle.  Sign up for our Loyal Local program and you can earn points towards free reusable bottles, produce bags and more!

7. Swap Plastic Sandwich Bags – Reuse something you find in the kitchen like old salsa jars or hummus containers to pack lunches and store leftovers. (Here’s an extra tip for removing those labels… Soak the jars in water to remove the paper. Put olive oil and baking soda on the glue, let it sit for 5 minutes, then scrub off the glue.)

8. Swap Coffee Cups – We consume a ton of coffee cups. Bring a reusable mug or cup. Need a little extra motivation to remember your cup… Coffee is the most popular beverage in America, with over 400 million cups consumed per day. So naturally, disposable coffee cups contribute to a very large portion of single-use use waste: approximately 30.9 billion disposable cups are thrown away along with 58 billion paper cups (not recycled) every year.

9. Bring unwanted items to our FundDrive – December 7th Clean out your closets and help the farmers market! Whether you’ve been watching Marie Kondo tidy up, or determined to divert waste for World Environment Day – get inspired to bring donations to the market. We’re collecting your gently used clothing, linens, and soft accessories for our FUNDrive.

10. Clean Up The Community – Join our community quartlery clean ups.  Our next clean up will be Saturday September 14.  Mark your calendar and come out to join us as we pick up trash from the neighborhood.


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