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There is a growing interest to know where our food comes from and a hunger for greater food transparency.  Therefore, it is essential to the values of our nonprofit organization, Community Food Connections, that we ensure people can rely on honest signage and find local products at our farmers market.

At Phoenix Public Market, we support Arizona grown fruits and vegetables because local, small farms create greater food access, sustainability, and economic self-sufficiency within our community. We allow our farms to supplement what they grow with other local, small-farm produce.  Signage is required so shoppers can make educated decisions about what produce they buy.

Unfortunately, fraud at farmers markets is common, but we make every effort for customers to be able to trust the authenticity of the products they shop at Phoenix Public Market.  Buying produce from around the world and reselling it under false pretenses is not what we support at our market.

Before a business is accepted into Phoenix Public Market, a vendor committee directs an interview and completes background work to check the legitimacy of products. Community Food Connections staff and board members routinely conduct site visits and farm tours, documenting what we see and asking questions to learn more. Being able to watch Blue Sky Organic Farm harvest the arugula they’ll sell Saturday, and learning how Southwest Mushrooms produces numerous varieties, ensures that we’re fulfilling our mission to sustain small farms and businesses that strengthen food security in Phoenix.

We are proud to report that in 2018, the community chose to spend $600,000 on Arizona grown fruits and vegetables at the Phoenix Public Market on Saturday mornings.  This money directly finances Arizona small farms and is a catalyst for greater food access, sustainability, and economic self-sufficiency.

Phoenix Public Market is a place for people who want to know how and where their food was grown. We encourage you to ask questions and learn about a vendor’s production practices.  It is important to understand that farmers in Phoenix grow produce year-round, but learning what’s in season is essential.

We at Community Food Connections are working hard so you can feel good about the products you find at our market. It is an ongoing effort we will continue to fight for.

Thank you for all of your support,
Sara Matlin

Watch this video on Farmers Market Fraud to learn about resellers and educate yourself on what to look out for.

Steadfast Farm

Steadfast Farm is a two acre bio-intensive market farm in Mesa, AZ next to the Eastmark Park.  Farmer Erich Schultz grows a large variety of vegetables and flowers on a small amount of land to keep his operation manageable and productive.  Their pastured poultry are raised for eggs year round. Steadfast Farm offers produce and eggs through their CSA program, farmers markets and to local restaurants. Farmer Erich also stays busy teaching and consulting on topics of profitable small-scale farming.

Blue Sky Organic Farms

Blue Sky Organic Farms is a family farm located in Litchfield, AZ. They have been farming in sunny Arizona since 1995. They grow 100% of the produce they offer at the market and are proud to be Certified Organic. When you purchase from Blue Sky Organic Farms, you can rest assured that their produce has been grown with your health in mind. Blue Sky Organic Farm uses organic, non-gmo, and untreated seed. Their produce is cultivated in accordance to the federal standards set by the USDA National Organic Program. They are certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

Southwest Mushrooms

Locally owned and operated with it’s roots in the “Valley of the Sun” Phoenix, Arizona.  100% gourmet mushrooms are freshly cultivated at their urban grow farm. They utilize a high level of hands-on expertise, in the clean food growing process.  Producing A+ quality mushrooms, containing awesome taste, with health properties second to none! Their passion is to offer every customer the freshest product in the marketplace, for an authentic farm to table experience! Owner and urban farmer, aka..”Mushroom Mike” enjoys sharing  the science of growing mushrooms, while exploring new ways to use them in culinary cuisine. Serving top chefs, everyday cooks and those who enjoy a healthy life-style with fresh & dried mushrooms full of protein & vitamins.

BAMBOX Produce

BAMBOX Produce is on a mission to revolutionize the food system through better agricultural methods. Their vision is an urban microfarm in every city delivering food directly to those who enjoy it. Maximizing nutrition per square foot of urban farm is what they’re are all about. They grow only the most nutrient dense crops available within controlled environments that actively contribute to the overall wellness of the harvest. Conserving our earth’s precious resources is the third pillar of the BAMBOX philosophy. They use 95% less water than traditional agriculture, offset the use of pesticides in the environment, help deter dead-zones in the ocean, reduce food waste, and contribute to the rebuilding of topsoil by composting on site.

Arrandale Farms (Community Exchange Table)

You may recognize Chad, serving you up coffees Saturday morning from their Urban Grounds coffee trailer.  But what you may not know, Chad owns and operates Arrandale Farms, a unique urban farm that is focused on growing and producing nutrient dense food for the local community.  Currently, you can shop their farm fresh eggs produced by happy healthy hens. They enjoy a free-range environment and natural feed.  Arrandale Farms eggs are commercially washed and graded at their farm, ensuring they bring a high-quality product to the market.

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