How to Peel Prickly Pears

How to Peel a Prickly Pear2

Note: Watch out for any small hair-like spines on the fruit. Most fruit purchased at a market have already rid the fruit of any spines but always good to watch out for. To protect your hands and fingers, it’s best to use a fork, a towel, or even a gardener’s glove to steady the fruit while you work with it.

5 Fun Facts About Prickly Pears

  1. The color of prickly pears varies each with their own flavor. They are often red in color, although other varieties include yellow-orange and green.
  2. The fruit of prickly pears are said to taste like a combination of bubblegum and watermelon, and can be made into candy, jam or beverages, or eaten raw, although some people do not like to eat the hard edible seeds.
  3. The red fruit of the Prickly Pear is called many things such as ‘cactus fruit’, ‘cactus fig’, ‘Indian fig’ and ‘tuna’.
  4. Prickly pear pulp makes excellent jam, jellies and preserves, sweets and refreshing or digestive beverages.
  5. The fruit is high in amino acids, fiber, vitamin B, magnesium, and iron.


A Student’s Guide to the Farmers Market


Dorm-Friendly Market Recipe Ideas:
Mason Jar Salads
Tabbouleh with Hummus

With some simple dorm-friendly appliances you can cook some of these great recipes as well:

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Market Recipe: Chermoula Sauce


Community Care Packages

Please support our efforts to collect items for care packages. Phoenix Public Market is teaming up with Go Wasteless and Arizona Friends of Homeless to create care packages for distribution within our own community in downtown Phoenix.

We need your help! Here’s what you can do:

  1. Bring suggested items to the market between now and August 24th. Drop them off at the information booth between 8am -12pm.
  2. Sign up to volunteer on August 24th and help to create care packages and promote the program.
  3. Mark your calendar for our next Care Package collection on December 14th

Suggested items for donation:

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Why Farmers Markets

NFMW 2019 Long WhyMarkets_2017

Unlimited Matching This Month


Double Up Food Bucks Arizona is turning 3! Help us celebrate with a special offer for Double Up Food Bucks customers.  For the month of August only, there will be NO LIMIT on Double Up transactions.   This month help us celebrate by taking home even more fresh fruits and vegetables, dried beans, and food-producing plants and seeds.

Typically when customers spend $20 of SNAP/EBT at participating locations, they are matched with an extra $20 of Double Up tokens/currency per day.

Take the #HBDdoubleupAZ photo challenge

During the month of August, we challenge our customers to post creative photos incorporating our Double Up AZ temporary tattoos.

It’s easy to enter:

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What To Do With Melon Seeds

When opening up a melon, what do you normally do with the seeds? Throw them out is probably the most common response. Yet, there is so much more you can do with the seeds of a melon. Roast them like you would pumpkin seeds or use them for planting your own melon garden. Below are tips on how to properly save and store melon seeds to get you started. Then on best times to plant melons or an easy recipe to roast seeds for the best taste.

We Need Your Feedback Loyal Locals

loyal local 2Our Loyal Locals are such an important part of our market and we want your feedback!

Community Food Connections is refreshing its branding to encompass the various projects of the organization. The rebranding includes a top-to-bottom redesign of the organization’s website, logo, graphics, and correspondence to better serve the community.

CFC invites the community to share their thoughts through an online survey, active until Friday, July 26th, 2019.

CFC is working with HAPI on the project. HAPI is a full service, branding firm specializing in digital advertising, traditional advertising, non-traditional advertising, design, marketing strategy, media buying, and website development.

Please share your feedback and ideas for the brand refresh


LOyal Locals1

Announcement! New Growth at the Market

photo aug 26, 6 07 24 pm

New Growth for the Open-Air Market
Community Food Connections hires a new market manager.

Community Food Connections (CFC) hired Amanda Wilson as market manager to oversee the operations and functions of the weekly farmers market. Before moving to Phoenix, Amanda worked for the Flagstaff Downtown Business Alliance. Amanda brings experience running events and directly supporting small businesses.

Amanda will be at the weekly farmers market to ensure a great shopping experience. She’ll work directly with the Executive Director on projects to expand the market’s offerings; including educational workshops and family programming. Amanda will help develop small business resources and strengthen vendor support.

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Picking the Perfect Melon