Protecting Our Local Food System

There is a growing interest to know where our food comes from and a hunger for greater food transparency.  Therefore, it is essential to the values of our nonprofit organization, Community Food Connections, that we ensure people can rely on honest signage and find local products at our farmers market.

At Phoenix Public Market, we support Arizona grown fruits and vegetables because local, small farms create greater food access, sustainability, and economic self-sufficiency within our community. We allow our farms to supplement what they grow with other local, small-farm produce.  Signage is required so shoppers can make educated decisions about what produce they buy.

Unfortunately, fraud at farmers markets is common, but we make every effort for customers to be able to trust the authenticity of the products they shop at Phoenix Public Market.  Buying produce from around the world and reselling it under false pretenses is not what we support at our market.

Before a business is accepted into Phoenix Public Market, a vendor committee directs an interview and completes background work to check the legitimacy of products. Community Food Connections staff and board members routinely conduct site visits and farm tours, documenting what we see and asking questions to learn more. Being able to watch Blue Sky Organic Farm harvest the arugula they’ll sell Saturday, and learning how Southwest Mushrooms produces numerous varieties, ensures that we’re fulfilling our mission to sustain small farms and businesses that strengthen food security in Phoenix.

We are proud to report that in 2018, the community chose to spend $600,000 on Arizona grown fruits and vegetables at the Phoenix Public Market on Saturday mornings.  This money directly finances Arizona small farms and is a catalyst for greater food access, sustainability, and economic self-sufficiency.

Phoenix Public Market is a place for people who want to know how and where their food was grown. We encourage you to ask questions and learn about a vendor’s production practices.  It is important to understand that farmers in Phoenix grow produce year-round, but learning what’s in season is essential.

We at Community Food Connections are working hard so you can feel good about the products you find at our market. It is an ongoing effort we will continue to fight for.

Thank you for all of your support,
Sara Matlin

Watch this video on Farmers Market Fraud to learn about resellers and educate yourself on what to look out for.

Read more to see behind the scenes pictures of our most recent site tours this season.

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Community Blood Drive


PoP Club at the Market


Introducing Power of Produce Club (PoP Club), thanks to the growing support of Arizona Federal Credit Union, PoP Club is launching October 2019. Our organization is delighted to announce a two-year sponsorship with Arizona Federal Credit Union. The partnership is part of Arizona Federal’s ongoing commitment to Arizona’s economy and support of local, small business.

Fun weekly activities, ranging from cooking demonstrations to seed planting, provide nutrition, food, agriculture, and exercise education to the children and families that participate. Kids can also enjoy imaginative play, coloring, crafts and story time each week at the market.

PoP Club is a farmers market incentive program for children ages 4-12. Each week, market kids can earn a stamp in their passport for participating in PoP Club activities. For every four stamps earned, children receive a $2 Market Buck to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables. PoP Club engages children at the farmers market and empowers them to make healthy food choices.

PoP Club seeks to teach children about fruits and vegetables, local food systems, and healthy food preparation. Participants engage in the full farmers market experience by tasting new foods, having conversations with farmers, and learning about local produce. PoP Club kids are encouraged to try new healthy foods and overcome picky eating through exposure to healthy food options in an exciting environment.

Learn more Saturday at the market.  PoP Club is located on Pierce Street in the Kids Corner.

Get Your PHX Sits Down to Talk Sustainability

Get Your PHX Ken Clark sits down with chef and owner Danielle Leoni (The Breadfruit and Rum Bar) to talk about her work to bring sustainability into the restaurant indusrty and her own kitchen.

Get Your PHX team are supporters of efforts to make businesses and homes more sustainable, and quickly. So, they are always happy to see people like Chef Danielle working hard and putting their personal resources on the line to push the envelope.

Get Your PHX provides personal guidance from start to finish when buying or selling your home.  They will help you build a strategy to reach your goals, applying their knowledge of market trends, along with data analysis.  Get Your PHX is dedicated to Phoenix and has a desire to tell the world that there are some great things to do and see here! Discover more local goodness on the Get Your PHX blog.

Calling All Artists!!

Phoestivus Contest

We are pleased to announce this year’s Phoestivus Poster Contest!  To celebrate our exciting milestone (10 Years), we’re inviting the community to design this year’s poster.

We’re asking local artists to design the Phoestivus poster with a prize of $250.00 paid to the winner.

Open to everyone, this is a community wide creative opportunity, regardless of age or experience. The deadline for artwork is midnight, Monday, October 7, 2019. A jury will review submissions.

Click here to read contest rules and instructions.  See past event posters below, including our very first Phoestivus poster ever!


Applications close October 7th, vendors will be notified by October 13th.

Top 5 Urban Gardening Ideas to Grow Your Own Foods

Picture1Photo Credit:Pexels

This article was guest written by Cloe Matheson

Do you love the idea of biting into fresh, organic fruits and vegetables? There is something about home produce that is crisper and juicier than the store-bought stuff. Read on for 5 flavor tips on how to spark your green thumb into action and grow your own food.

Window Gardening
Picture a cute windowsill chock-full of fresh herbs. You’ll no longer need to add flavour-enhancing packets to your grocery list. Establishing a windowsill garden gives you the opportunity to grow your own produce in tiny spaces.

Stop throwing out herb plants after only plucking a few leaves. Instead, plant your favourite herbs in your windowsill garden. Herbs like coriander and parsley can be expensive for their weight, so this can help those on a tight budget. Your window garden can range from inexpensive to more intricate. For more permanent gardens, you can buy designed terracotta windowsill gardens to host your herbs.

Container Gardening
Shipping containers are an innovative method of growing fresh produce. These recycled shipping containers are insulated and climate-controlled. This ensures that your produce grows without a hitch.

Using shipping containers as a garden also helps reduce setup time when compared with a greenhouse. Greenhouses can take weeks to set up and often required a lot of maintenance. If you are stuck for time, opt for a repurposed shipping container and let its efficiency surprise you. These containers are perfect for those who have a concrete backyard space. Instead of tearing up concrete and laying soil, you only need to worry about filling the dedicated space in the container.

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PHX Pheast 2019


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10 Health Benefits of Garlic


Sure, pre-shelled and processed minced garlic is convenient but fresh garlic used in your foods has some pretty significant health benefits. Shop locally-grown garlic at the market this season.

10 Proven Health Benefits of Garlic

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Something Fresh


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Market Recipe: Prickly Pear Paletas